Online Savings

Pay with your Android phone

Now you can use your Android phone to make quick, easy payments on the go. Contactless Mobile means you can link your Nationwide debit card or Nationwidecard to your phone, then use it to pay wherever you see the contactless symbol.

  • Make payments up to £1001
  • Use it to pay in shops or on Transport for London
  • Easy to use, quick to set up and secure

Pay quickly in shops

You can pay with Contactless Mobile in any of the 400,000 locations across the UK that accepts contactless payments – plus locations outside the UK that accept contactless Visa payments. To make a payment, simply hold your mobile over the reader – it’ll work within a matter of seconds.

Spend over £30

You can use Contactless Mobile to make payments from £30 to £100 if the retailer accepts contactless payments in this range. When you make these payments, you’ll need to hold your mobile over the reader, enter your normal card PIN on your phone and then hold your device over the reader again.

Travel in London

Now your phone can be your ticket too – just touch it on the reader (where an Oyster card usually goes). If you want to see more about your journeys, If you want to see more about your journeys, you can register your details online with TfL . The information you’ll need to register can be found under ‘Contactless Mobile’, then ‘Account Details’ in your mobile banking app.